In our industry, and moreover in others, services and products can be copied, altered and tinkered with, but what can’t be tampered with is our culture, the way we give our all to our clients, and our employees. Striving for excellence in the eyes of our clients, by improving ourselves, is our main goal, for without that, growth will always be limited and unattainable.



GlowIndex is a digital advertising company catering to Local Businesses & Brands on the internet. Local Businesses constitute of single owners, small partnerships or family businesses, which do not bring in a large amount of traffic on their own. Since Local Businesses occupy a large part of a nation’s GDP, it would be a mistake, and certainly a shame, to leave them behind. We’re here to help Local Businesses grow to their full potential in the market they occupy, to be able to bring revenue into these businesses, not to just help them survive, but to thrive. Hence, we are looking to make our Local Businesses under our care, grow, by making them glow.




  • Although different backgrounds and different language levels act as barriers, we all apply the same few principles.
    Listen and understand before reacting, remain calm and objective in all situations.
    Offer candid, important feedback in a timely manner.
    Be as blunt, and honest as possible is the steps we follow in, for it will help us achieve personal and professional growth much faster.
  • Relationships Matter. The core of business, a reason to continue and redo business in the future. The relationship with a client is far more important than ‘easy’ money, for if we cannot retain loyal clients, and cater to them, the business won’t last long, and neither we, as people. Be human above all else.
  • Imagination. Consider how far you believe GlowIndex can get, and how it can get there. It might differ from management’s vision, but work towards it regardless. You’ll definitely end up inspiring those you get inspiration from.
  • Be Ethical. It’s always subject to interpretation, but at GlowIndex we’re clear on what stands as ethical. Please look at your Code of Ethics.
  • Strive for Improvement. If it can be improved, say it. If you can improve it, do it.
    Always strive to improve, even if failure is imminent, for it’ll teach us for the next time, and the time after that.
    Act on your curiosity, and seek alternate methods, all in the benefit of the company.
  • Reporting & Spearheading. Report inefficiencies, and recommend methods & strategies on how to do so. Then, spearhead it.
  • Devil’s Advocate. Always looking to play the Devil’s Advocate, regardless of your position on the matter. If you find it difficult, don’t be afraid to share it with other employees, and allow them to assist you in the Devil Advocacy process.
    -This is done so we can view all sides to each proposal, solution, or dilemma.
    -Use it as a method to find potential future issues of anything we plan to do, and find solutions before the issues arise.
  • Peers, Teach & Push. Look towards always helping your peers, teaching & pushing them along the way. Create loyal employees by helping them reach their full potential, giving them a good feeling and a sense of personal accomplishment for themselves, thus improving your team(s), and consequently, the firm.
  • Employees are accountable for their actions, how they create, deliver, and present their work, thus being independent in their decisions. Think with the intention to improve the firm’s presence first, then look to capitalize on the achieved presence. Think like an owner, and you’ll definitely end up accountable for the greatest achievements.
  • There are times where mistakes are unforgivable and foolish, then there are the times it rewards you by giving you first hand knowledge on where you failed, and why, as to improve for the next time.
    When you are wrong, admit it, openly and freely, explain why you were wrong, and how you could improve it.
    Respect the courage it takes to overcome both your pride, and that of your peers and colleagues.
    Be self aware of your actions by admitting fault, which sends you towards the right direction, one step at a time.
  • Wise Decisions. By using your judgment based on data to supplement your intuition, you are able to make long term decisions, get ahead in the treating symptoms of problems by solving the roots of the problems. All while being strategic and clear on what you are doing, what you are not, always be ethical to the cause.
  • Innovate, Don’t Stop. Experiment, create and fundamentally change the status quo in both, our company, and outside.
    Shake the industry and don’t stop improving.
    Always find methods and reasons to innovate, always in the name of efficiency, and always at the benefit of GlowIndex and its customers.
  • Accomplish important work, demonstrate your strong performance so your colleagues can rely on you, and improve them. Focus on the results of your work, rather than the process.
  • Office Politics. At GlowIndex we try to look beyond tedious office politics. The energy that can be placed in office politics distracts and drains you from doing important work. We do not believe office politics can be eradicated entirely, but we try to look at the big picture and try to remain peaceful when office politics do come up. Those found to be backstabbing, manipulating, showing negative behavior and/or other committing devious activities will be subject to the “Code Violations” section in the “Code of Ethics”.
  • Anonymous Communication. At GlowIndex, we like to be open with our team, and we wish for you to do the same. When communication becomes anonymous, sketchy, and distant, it leads to conflicts within our culture & community. It shows lack of commitment to the cause, breaks down organizational trust and defeats the purpose of our Communication Code. Although we cannot stop you from doing so, we ask you not to, we ask you to bring our culture to all employees, and welcome it with open arms. Despite this, depending on the case and subject of the anonymous communication, an investigation may have to occur.


Welcome: Here’s Some Food for Thought

  • As the newest member of our organization, you’re always going to have to ask yourself, “What now?”, “What can I be doing better?” “How can I be doing better?” and, “What feedback can I give that I haven’t already?”.
  • Trust is important in everyone’s lives, and working at GlowIndex is no different. Giving feedback is vital to our growth, and interpersonal relationships. This establishes trust and allows more room for growth, for both the company, and yourself.


Your Role & GlowIndex

  • As you are entering your role, you are expected to accomplish and work on certain tasks. This is what is presented on your job description when you join the company. However, under no circumstance is this what you are only going to work on. There will be times where you’ll need to pull not only your own weight, but have additional weights placed on you. This will occur at a moment’s notice, and is considered beneficial to the company and yourself, as it’ll only grow your set of skills, and diversify how your thought process works. This comes from a sense of ownership, belonging to the company, and acting in its benefit.
  • We look to inspire people, more so than managing them. We trust our people to do what they believe is best for GlowIndex. We give them freedom, power and information to support their decisions, leading to self discipline and a sense of responsibility towards GlowIndex, inevitably benefiting the company.
  • Now, after reading through all of our culture, you may be inclined to believe it as a sacred stone tablet, which it is not. As you grow in our company, and understand the values and where their roots lie, you have an obligation to improve them, wherever and whenever you see possible.
  • Times are constantly changing, help us change too, either before, or with it.




  • Confidentiality. We are very strict with the confidentiality of our Customers’, our Partners’ and GlowIndex’s information. This is a clear violation of trust in GlowIndex and any other business in the world. We ask employees to be respectful of the information they have access to and to never reveal any of it to people, both employees and outside parties. We recommend you read our Privacy Policy towards our Partners and Customers to further understand our position.
  • Dress Code:
    -Be comfortable at all times.
    -No offensive material on clothing.
    -If expected to meet with an outside party, Business/Smart Casual and/or Business Professional/Formal is standard, depending on the meeting.
  • Care & Consideration. There are times when our employees must care and consider our customers’ and partners’ feelings towards a situation. This is where we should be going above and beyond for them, to help facilitate their needs. We will be professional and stay in line with the boundaries set in the Terms & Conditions of our service(s). For example, if a customer’s wife has suddenly become a widow, sending flowers and being compassionate is encouraged to help ease them through a difficult process. Our customers are our backbone, and we will have to treat them humanely.
  • Obeying the Law. This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes things need to be set clear. If an employee breaks the law, there will be an internal investigation to decide what will become of the said employee, depending on:
    -The severity and type of actions being accused of.
    -The employee’s character.
    -Work and commitment to GlowIndex.
    -Why such an action occurred.
    -Possible resolution, if available.
    If the employee(s) is subject to prison time, or has been convicted, we will have no choice but to obey the law and outcast said employee(s).
    Moreover, this applies to us as well. Your rights as an employee under law shall not be limited by any of our codes, and you are always welcome to open any type of discussion concerning your employee rights (wages/hours/working conditions/safety/etc)
  • Ethical Judgement. Being ethical is something you should be proud about, something your loved ones would be proud about.
    -Acts of kindness, justice, honesty, honor, confidentiality, transparency and non-maleficence behavior are required.
    -If you must question yourself more than once if what you are doing is ethical, it might not be, and you are encouraged to consult a manager to guide you.
    -Always look to be a role model, and you’ll be amazed how fast you’ll achieve that honor.
  • Code Violations. Code violations occur when an employee fails to follow the Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct, or applicable laws, ignores another employee’s failure to following the code, and coercing other employees to violate the code. This harms GlowIndex’s reputation and thus taken seriously.
    Violations can lead to, depending on the circumstance of the violation:
    -Disciplinary action.
    -Suspension without pay.
    -Loss of merit.
    -Termination of employment.
    -If the acts violate the law, it can result to fines and/or criminal prosecution.
    -We also document any code violations in your employee record.


We believe that your personal social media account is your own, but you must remember you are now part of our team, and thus represent us, through you. This policy has been set to protect GlowIndex’s brand, and its reputation to our partners and customers. This encourages a sense of ownership for our employees.

With these guidelines, we believe we have given you adequate information to sail the social media seas at your own peril. Please remember, these are set to be as guardrails rather than tracks, and thus, use your judgement to assess if it will harm or benefit GlowIndex.

Corporate Social Media

Please follow these guidelines when posting and working on our Corporate Social Media platforms:

  • Please respect any intellectual property. This is especially true if it is not GlowIndex’s. We ask you to ask for the owner’s explicit permission before doing so. Yes, we allow the copyrighted/trademarked work to be advertised through the post if the owner wishes it so (within reason).
  • Any reference must be linked back to the source. Please do not cite or reference any clients or partners without their approval first.
  • Any hate speech, racism, bigotry, discrimination, vulgar language or insults are not permitted through the corporate channel. This will harm our brand, and will be subject to immediate termination of employment.
  • Do not leak any internal documents related to anything we are doing. This is especially true for any legal, financial or personal matters of any employee at GlowIndex.
  • Do not comment on any matters which does not relate to our brand, especially highly controversial topics, such as politics or religion.
  • When talking to clients, partners, customers or the like, we explicitly remind you to remain casual-professional and answer in a timely manner with a direct, straight to the point response with nothing open to interpretation.
  • When being attacked by internet trolls, we remind you to stay calm and ignore them.
  • Any attacks against our brand looking to harm our reputation will be defended against. This will be done in a calm, objective manner, with a professional tone. Sarcasm is allowed, but limited.
  • If you posted something which was not true, we recommend you spearhead damage control, by either deleting, correcting and/or making your mistake clear.
  • If you are speaking about anything related to GlowIndex or any other public matters, please identify yourself by name, your position at GlowIndex (where relevant) and make it apparent that the views you are sharing are your own. You may use “The posts on this site are my own, do not represent the opinion, strategy, and position of GlowIndex”. We also ask you to always write in the first person and avoid using your company email for private communications.


Personal Social Media

Posts related to the following will be subject to immediate termination of the employee:

  • Racism
  • Bigotry
  • Discrimination
  • Hate Speech


We ask that the following points are understood, and adhered to on your personal social media platforms:

  • Do not badmouth or speak ill about your colleagues.
  • When taking sick leave, please do not post any pictures on your social media. We understand that these pictures could be old and you could be looking to fill your time, but this compromises employee morale.
  • Please refrain from using vulgar language. We understand we are all adults and vulgar language is a form of self expression, but keep it limited, and it must not be used towards other parties.
  • If you are speaking about anything related to GlowIndex or any other public matters, please identify yourself by name, your position at GlowIndex (where relevant) and make it apparent that the views you are sharing are your own. You may use “The posts on this site are my own, do not represent the opinion, strategy, and position of GlowIndex”. We also ask you to always write in the first person and avoid using your company email for private communications.
  • You are accountable for your own posts, both externally and internally. Since the internet does not forget, we ask you to be sure of what you post. If you have doubts, we encourage you talk to your manager, head of department, or the communication team.
  • We do not accept the forwarding, leaking, or sending of any internal documents to anyone who is not employed by GlowIndex.
  • Do not comment on any legal matters related to GlowIndex, unless you either have explicit permission, or are an official spokesperson and have legal approval.
  • Any comments on financial performance, revenues, pricings, future products or any decisions, will get both GlowIndex, and yourself in trouble.
  • If you posted something which was not true, we recommend you spearhead damage control, by either deleting, correcting and/or making your mistake clear.
  • As an extension of our brand, we ask you to ensure your social media profiles reflect yourself as you would want to be seen by clients, customers and colleagues, and are consistent with the approach.
  • Any complaints to GlowIndex are welcome and encouraged (hence our Code of Conduct), but not on social media. We ask you to file a complaint internally, as posting it on social media will be adding gasoline to the fire in a room filled with explosives and fireworks. Please respect the brand and your colleagues by following company procedure.
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