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Business Directory By Niche

Business Directory By Niche – GlowIndex

Oh how times change, having gone from waiting for your dial-up internet to set up, and having access instantly, remotely and, on the go from your smartphone. Technology is constantly changing, whether we believe in the future or not, society decides.

This has made the process of advertising ever so complex and challenging, but this acts as a filtering process more than anything. The standard of advertising required to capture a person’s attention must be significant enough to distract them from their already ongoing activities. This includes the constant use of social media, emails, and perhaps ironically, other advertisements!

Classic Business Directories

Since competition is as fierce as it is, ‘classic’ Business Directories are not as effective as they once used to be. A relic from the previous era if you will. Originating from the Yellow Pages -Those thick books with all business listings you used to get in the mail- transported onto a website with filtering techniques to make finding what you’re looking for easier. Surely it’s better than the former, but everything evolves.

But that’s not to say ‘classic’ Business Directories will one day be obsolete, they do have their uses: keeping all the information in one place, every user knowing where to go when they need to look for a business, easy filtering when you don’t know what you are looking for. But, the amount of utility and advertising power your business receives when paying for such a service is minimal. There are many more advertising opportunities, paying the same, or perhaps less than a ‘classic’ Business Directory. But they cost more in time, and time is the one thing every person knows very well, is finite.

Business Directory – A Glowing Twist

GlowIndex’s Business Directory comes with a twist, yes it’s more handsome with themes, and yes it can show you exactly what every other Business Directory can show you, and yes. its principal is the same.

-But we’re different.
-Different you say?
-Yes, wait, let me explain…

In this highly overlooked world, with people constantly on their smartphones, searching all over the internet for information in an instant, we were able to grab the attention we were looking for. But not just ‘impressions’, but actual quality viewers. Views & clicks that care, curious, and interested. We take these Businesses which would list themselves on ‘classic’ Business Directories, and add them on a Digital Publisher’s website. A Publisher with a related industry to the Business, gaining immediate exposure to Businesses’ key customers. Bullseye!

We broke through the barrier of the 21st century and instead of being bitten, we were licked (to you dog lovers out there). Recognized and determined, we had to find a way to benefit all parties involved, it was our next step.

And that step launched us.

Businesses change little to nothing from their previous alternative, but they get better exposure and utility for the amount they will be paying. This saves time in the process. Publishers have all to gain from allowing stronger, more diverse advertisements on their websites. Instead of just relying on Google Adsense, they can add more to their Revenue income, through GlowIndex’s Business Directory.

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